Looking Back at our Press Highlights

by Unseen October 12 2017

In the wake of this year’s successful Unseen Amsterdam, we were delighted to read through the press coverage of our event in a number of international arts-based publications. We’ve gathered some of this year’s interesting reflections on the event to look back on.

Our media partner AnOther captured the underdog spirit of the Unseen platform, stating “If photographic institutions were members in a sprawling global art family, Unseen Amsterdam would be the headstrong youth, staying up late, throwing wild parties and waking up frustratingly fresh and ready to go again in the morning.” The Financial Times extended this sentiment by expressing, “If they succeed, they will have found a valuable way of making art fairs a little more fair.”

Aesthetica published a candid piece about the featured artists at this year’s event, explaining “Many of this year’s line-up contribute to a larger, developing trend, where what is hidden seems as important as what is on the surface, and where the medium distorts, questions, and unpicks ideas around ‘truth’ and visual representation.” Dutch magazine Volkskrant also addressed Unseen’s motivations by saying, “Unseen Asterdam couldn’t possibly do it differently; the necessity for reinvention is captured in the name of the event itself.”

Volkskrant: “Unseen Amsterdam kán niet anders; de constant vernieuwingsdrift ligt in de naam van het festival besloten.”

Additionally, online platform Artsy wrote a brief piece on this year’s first instalment of Unseen CO-OP, our dynamic programming dedicated to fostering the talent and output of artist collectives. “Noticing the shift from the notion of the individual artist as a genius, curator Lars Willumeit created CO-OP, a new exhibition of photography-based collectives at the sixth edition of Amsterdam’s Unseen Photo Fair,” they explain. “Willumeit’s concept of a photography collective is broad; the show includes siblings who work together, artists from different countries who collaborate entirely online, and groups of photographers who live together.”

We’d like to thank the writers who took the time to craft such thoughtful reflections of this year’s Unseen Amsterdam, and how our platform is situated within the broader field of contemporary photography.

Photo: Untitled #5, from the series One of Us, 2016 © Rachele Maistrello/METRONOM